Lower Electrical Costs By Relocating Air Compressors In Your Manufacturing Plant

Posted on: 30 October 2015

Planning a manufacturing plant is a complex process, and it's almost impossible to design a perfect layout for everything before work begins in a plant. While some equipment can't be moved after a plant is built, air compressors are one item that can be relocated. If you run a manufacturing plant, relocating your plant's air compressors to reduce how long their hoses are could lower your plant's electrical costs. Running Air Compressors Costs Money
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What Are Your Options for Storing Scrap Metal?

Posted on: 21 September 2015

Collecting and recycling scrap metal is one of the most popular ways of putting a few extra dollars in your pocket. However, finding bits and pieces of valuable scrap metal is only part of the equation. You'll also have to consider where you're going to keep your scrap metal. In many cases, stockpiling your scrap metal lets you take advantage of price fluctuations in the scrap metal market and give you the opportunity to turn in your metal when prices are at their highest.
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5 Reasons to Choose a Custom Metal Staircase Over a Premade Design

Posted on: 22 July 2015

Designing a home with multiple floors means taking extra time to work out the details for each stair case. The strength and durability of metal makes it the ideal material, whether you're considering stainless steel for indoor use or classic wrought iron outdoors. Invest in a custom designed and installed staircase from a metal fabrication company and you'll reap these five rewards. Improved Safety When you control the design and dimensions of the staircase, you can add as many safety features as you like.
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What You Should Know About Programmable Logic Controllers And Your Industrial Business

Posted on: 2 June 2015

A programmable logic controller can most often be found in environments like commercial manufacturing and industrial production. They are a valuable tool for automating processes. These controllers are beneficial for many different environments, including machinery controls, sensor systems and even robotics development. Unlike a standard computerized system, a programmable logic controller is durable enough to stand up to the demands of these high-pressure environments. If you're looking to simplify your processes or automate some operations, you might find that a programmable logic controller could help.
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